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Scaling Back and Gaining Your BEST LIFE

Listen to our patients share their inspiring stories on how they achieved their health and weight loss goals. Hosted by Allison Rezentes, Lonestar Bariatrics Dietitian and Health Junkie.

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Ep.1: 85 lbs. LOST with the Gastric Sleeve

Shelli, an Elementary teacher that was desperate to lose weight to better her quality of life. Now down 85 lbs, Shelli shares some of her tips, tricks and advice for those interested in pursuing weight loss surgery.


Ep.2: 200 lbs. gone FOREVER

Ryne talks all about what motivates him every day to live his BEST life after scaling back 200 lbs!


Ep.3: Gastric Bypass After Addiction Recovery

Brandon stresses the importance of quality of life, following sobriety and gastric bypass surgery . Brandon talks losing 180 lbs, finally being able to toss his breathing machine and weight management medications!


Ep.4: The Duodenal Switch with Skinny Kenny

Kenny talks about how you can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, with a sedentary job. Don’t miss his tips for meal planning and staying the course.


Ep.5: 115-pound weight loss after Lap Band Revision

Kelly discusses how having her band removed and stomach converted to the gastric sleeve has improved her confidence, relationships, and overall, well-being!


Ep.6: No Days Off with Shawnkeedra

Listen to how Shawnkeedra fought depression after loss with implementing a “no days off”mantra that ultimately lead her to lose over 170 lbs.


Ep.7: Chef Paula tells us how weight loss surgery not only changed her life but her profession

Paula discusses how she lost over 130 lbs by quitting her current job, admitting to food addiction, and taking the necessary steps to focus on a healthier life.


Ep.8: Kelley talks about her 90 lb weight loss, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Kelley talks about her weight loss struggles over the years and how the Gastric Bypass has allowed her to lose 90 lbs, invest in herself and gives great advice for those interested in having weight loss surgery.


Ep.9: Cathy talks about losing 110 lbs, chocolate hummus and living her best life

Cathy talks about losing weight after 20 years of battling with the scale. Cathy discusses how planning ahead and finding sweet alternatives have helped her to stay the course and maintain her weight loss 2 1/2 years after weight loss surgery.

Ep.10: Courtney and Ashley discuss how they have lost over 180 lbs. with the support of each other.

After gastric sleeve, her younger sister, Ashley, followed in her footsteps resulting in over 180 pounds loss collectively listen to these sisters explain how they did it and how you can too!

Ep.11: Erin loses over 220lbs. with Gastric Bypass

Erin talks about what helped her lose over 200 pounds with gastric bypass surgery. Erin elaborates on the most important role exercise played in her new lifestyle change to help her lose weight and keep it off for good.

Ep.12: Toya talks about how mental preparation for gastric sleeve allowed her to lose 100lbs.

Toya gives advice to those contemplating weight loss surgery and why the gastric sleeve worked for her!

Ep.13: Trina tells us about the mental preparation it takes for bariatric surgery.

Join us as we visit with Trina, 11 weeks out from her gastric sleeve. Trina talks about the mental and physical preparation it took her to get ready for bariatric surgery.