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What is heartburn?

Heartburn, is the physical symptoms someone experiences from reflux. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) results from uncontrolled acidic or bile secretions that flow back into your esophagus.

What causes heartburn?

Heartburn symptoms develop when your stomach acid or bile flows back into your esophagus or tube connecting your throat to your stomach. This back flow can cause burning, chest pain /tightness, hoarseness, feeling of something “getting stuck” or difficulty swallowing. Worsening symptoms can result from spicy foods, acidic foods, alcohol or coffee.  While anyone can develop heartburn, your chances are significantly higher even if you’re just slightly overweight.

When left untreated, the stomach acid can cause additional health issues, including:

  • Sores or ulcers that can bleed
  • Precancerous changes to your esophagus

How can losing weight help with heartburn?

Heartburn is often directly related to obesity and carrying extra weight puts added pressure on your abdomen.

When you put pressure on your abdomen, it increases the chances that the ring of muscles between your stomach and esophagus will relax. These muscles are known as your lower esophageal sphincter. When they’re working correctly, they prevent stomach acid from flowing back into your esophagus.

If you’re overweight, the easiest way to find relief for chronic heartburn is weight loss. At LoneStar Bariatrics, Dr. Carlton and his team offer a personalized approach to weight loss that includes both nonsurgical and surgical weight-loss solutions.

What weight-loss solutions can help with heartburn?

Dr. Carlton and his team know that everyone’s weight-loss needs are unique, so they provide an individualized, patient-focused approach to help you find the perfect solution. You don’t have to live with heartburn; call LoneStar Bariatrics or schedule an appointment online today.

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