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My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months44 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 Months100 lbs
Weight Loss in 1 YearNA

My Story

I was referred a couple of years ago from a girl I met online that worked for Dr. Carlton.

I’d  been thinking about weight loss surgery for a few years before I actually did. I just finally got tired of not being able to walk & get around.  I was tired and in alot of pain. I felt hopeless and mad at myself for letting my weight get so far gone.  I was pre diabetic, high cholesterol, vitamin deficiency, & fatty liver.

Now after surgery, All my labs are great. I feel like a normal person now. I feel like I’m good enough now. I feel attractive again  I can cross my legs. Walk around Walmart. Bend over & touch my toes. Play with my kid. Run if I want. Fit in an airplane seat. See my legs when I’m driving. I see my feet when I look down now instead of my stomach

I absolutely love Dr Carlton. He makes you feel amazing. He doesn’t see you as a patient.

Dr Carlton saved my life! I never thought I would feel so good again. I’m not at my goal weight & I might not get there but I’m extremely happy with my results & my life today! It’s all because of Dr Carlton and his team.. I didn’t do this surgery to get skinny. I did this surgery to have a better life & I do. I would highly recommend him to anyone!