LoneStar Bariatrics

Gastric Bypass

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months20 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 Months100 lbs
Weight Loss in 8 Months188 lbs
TOTAL LOST188-200 lbs

My Story

Prior to the bariatric surgery, I was on 3 separate blood pressure medications, had pre-diabetes that required two separate medications to manage, and generally was in poor health. Basic daily activities were always a challenge and my energy level was low.

Since surgery, I no longer require any of the medications I took prior to surgery and I have more energy than I know what to do with. I’m reminded daily in almost everything I do how everyday life has been made better by the decision to have a gastric bypass. For example, I’m able to buy clothes off the rack without having to go to the “fat guy store”, I fit in airplane seats and restaurant booths with great comfort, and physical activity is no longer something I avoid.

At 8 months, I’ve lost a total of 188 lbs. My weight has been a nice way to measure progress, but there is no direct measure for how wonderful I “feel”.

Dr. Carlton is simply amazing, but his extended team is equally wonderful. His expertise is evident in every aspect of the surgery and his confidence is reassuring, but his staff contributes greatly to the total experience. From the surgery coordinator to the dietician to the office staff, everyone I’ve worked with has been spectacular and world class. They are efficient in their operations, eager to respond to any questions you have (before or after surgery) and are truly vested in your success. It is refreshing to workl with such a professional team of experts.