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My Story

I found Dr. Carlton on Google when issues with my lap-band occurred and I got tired of fighting it. I was in pain, tired, and frustrated with not being able to do the things I wanted.

Pre-op was fantastic! Dr. C is funny and we vibed right away. His staff were all knowledgeable and super sweet! I wasn’t too concerned about surgery – I was very ready to get it done, and when surgery day rolled around, I was just excited!

Post-op wasn’t too bad. I had a little more pain than some because of removal of the previous lap-band. I was very tired for a good week, but overall it wasn’t bad.

Having lost 115 pounds in less than 2 years, I can work out and actually enjoy it. I’m more active in general. I spent a week at Disney World and was able to walk without pain, ride anything I wanted, wear whatever was comfortable in the heat and not worry about it. I have SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENCE! ’m no longer on any medications (I took blood pressure meds and thyroid meds before). I have a connective tissue disorder and the chronic pain has gotten better now that the extra weight isn’t making my joints hurt worse. I have more self confidence and more energy to do the things that make me happy. I’ve had many people tell me I’ve blossomed and seem so much happier now.

I LOVE Dr. Carlton and his staff! I’ve recommended Dr. C to several friends – and they’ve gone to see him too. When you see him, remember to trust the process. Follow what Dr. C tells you to do and you’ll have the best results. If you’re debating doing the surgery, go talk to Dr. C and ask all your questions and then DO IT! Don’t wait to take your life back!