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Gastric Bypass

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months55 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 Months80 lbs
Weight Loss in 1 Year101 lbs

My Story

For years, I tried diets such as Keto, low fat, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Medifast, counting calories, countless weight loss medications, and workout regimens. You name it, I tried it. I could only ever loose 20 pounds and stall. We are talking 3 to 6 months of working at weight loss with minimal results. It’s draining. I could never get myself under 200. I made a promise before I was 30 I would lose the weight and keep it off. So, I hopped on Google and found Dr. Carlton!

Before surgery, I was excited, nervous, and scared. It was a mental battle at that time. What if I lost weight and gained it right back? What if I didn’t lose any weight at all? I let go of my fears, and the what ifs and chose to push forward.

My pre-op experience was amazing. The staff are all super friendly, to the point, and really put my mind at ease. They make you feel apart of the family instantly. I never felt judged because of my weight or how I looked.

Truly, my biggest pre-op concern was that I was having surgery. I have never had any major surgeries in my life. This was the first time I was going to be ‘put under’, but I ultimately knew Dr. Carlton was the best doctor there was and trusted him and his experience. His confidence shines through and you just know you’re in good hands with him.

When my surgery day finally rolled around, I was anxious. It was the first step to the life I’ve wanted since I started to gain weight after having my son.

There was definitely pain post-op, but the nurses are there to help you and Dr. Carlton comes to check on you. He even keeps in communication with the staff to ensure your vitals are stable. WALK, WALK, WALK that’s my advise. Even though it hurts and you feel like you can’t walk it out, try to anyways. Also, take small sips of water and don’t over do it. Do not try to eat or drink more than your body tells you it can handle. Remember your eyes are always bigger than your stomach.

Honestly I could do the same things before surgery that I can do now, but it was a strain or struggle. I would lose my breath just trying to tie my shoes or put my pants on. I no longer feel like the fat girl just for bending over. I was always active in some way, but now I can run faster, longer, and I’m pushing myself harder in the gym. It’s so much easier to want to work out when you go into the gym and don’t feel immediately defeated just by comparing yourself to others. I play soccer on Mondays and work out 3 times a week – I do cardio and weight training. The scale doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m focused on what I want my body to look like more than what I want the scale to say. The mental health changes are the deepest. I was so self conscious beforehand. I hated shopping or trying new styles. Now, I’m confident more than ever before. I even have stretch marks that I wear proudly. I wear crop tops and I don’t let anyone tell me I can’t. My mental health has changed a full 360. I’m no longer shy, reserved or scared. I walk around confident in myself and it feels amazing. It’s something I’ve never experienced before.

Dr. Carlton and his staff were friendly, organized, and to the point. They know why you’re there and they will do everything they can to ensure you are taken care of and walk away looking and feeling amazing. Truly, if you are like me, you’ve dealt with the weight your whole life, you’re not as confident as you should be, eating is an emotional connection, and you are just ready to fully commit to a life change. Then go with Dr. Carlton. They will do everything in their power to guide you on this journey. My surgery was April of 2021. I’m almost 2 years out and I’m still 150 pounds. I’ve kept off over 100 pounds for over a year. I’m going to fight everyday to keep it off.