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Gastric Sleeve

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 MonthsN/A
Weight Loss in 6 Months145 lbs
Weight Loss in 1 Year167 lbs

My Story

I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, had sleep apnea, and was just generally not happy with how much I weighed, so I started Googling and found Dr. Carlton! Before surgery, I was always out of breath and felt like I would never lose the weight.

I had a great pre-op experience. Everyone was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I didn’t really have any concerns and when my surgery rolled around, I was super excited!

I loved seeing the weight just fall off after surgery. Now, I can cross my legs in a car and on a plane, fly with no seatbelt extender, zipline, and skydive. I am physically more fit than I have ever been in my entire life; I workout 7 days a week. I am felling much more positive about life in general with my newfound healthy lifestyle; like I can conquer anything.

I love Dr. Carlton and his staff so much! They changed my entire life! I am forever indebted to them! I’m so glad I did the surgery, without delay! Best decision ever! Don’t let other people talk you out of what you know you need to do for your own health. That’s very important.