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Read My Story – Tiffany

Gastric Bypass

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months44 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 Months61 lbs
Weight Loss in 1 Year85 lbs
TOTAL LOSTOver 100 lbs

My Story

I was so tired of not enjoying life. I was tired all the time and miserable with the way I looked. It was taking a toll not only on my physical health but my mental health as well. Once I decided to get surgery, I was referred to Dr. Carlton by my best friend who was one of his past patients.

Before surgery, I was nervous but so excited for the opportunity to change my life. Dr. C and his entire staff were so friendly and positive about the whole process. My biggest concern was if I would really be able to be successful at this. When surgery day rolled around, I was more excited than nervous. I knew I would be asleep for the hard part!

Post-op I had some pain, which was to be expected but it was quickly managed by the nursing staff. At 3 months I had lost 44 lbs, at 6 months I was down 61 lbs, at a year out I was down 85 lbs. They say you stop really losing well after a year, but I am now down over 100 lbs!! I am able to do anything I want! I even climbed an inflatable rock wall while playing with my niece and nephew! I am so much happier than I have ever been! I work out at least 3x a week and that boosts my endorphins even more!!

Dr. C is amazing and so uplifting. I was never talked down to or felt judged by him or his staff, which was amazing in itself. He was always so positive about my progress and that helped me to want push even further! Don’t let others scare you about losing weight. There are so many that will tell you all kinds of horror stories, but you know what else is horrible? Not living your best life because everything hurts and you are ashamed. Do this for you and no one else! Have a support system around you to lift you up and hold you accountable. Find a gym that you love and start building stamina even before surgery, it will make a world of difference during your recovery!