Reflux Symptoms After A Gastric Sleeve?

Reflux symptoms are not common after a gastric sleeve if medicated.  The current standard recommendation is to take prescribed acid suppression medication, for three months.

Hydration & Diet

We want to reduce reflux symptoms and the amount of acid secretion and promote healthy tissue healing by requiring three months of medication. In the immediate post op 24-48 hours, reflux symptoms or nausea is generally related to the effects of anesthesia. Some patients do report some reflux symptoms, nausea or pain for one to two weeks after surgery. This typically rapidly improves and is often related to drinking too quickly or too much.

Managing Recovery Time

However, if you had a sleeve several years ago and now notice reflux symptoms you may be a candidate for a more thorough evaluation including an endoscopy, Upper GI swallow study or conversion to a separate bariatric procedure.

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