Duodenal Switch Procedure

Duodenal Switch Procedure

The duodenal switch procedure is a commonly performed laparoscopic bariatric, or weight loss surgery, at LoneStar Bariatrics.  The operation is performed through small incisions on the abdomen, typically five incisions. This is considered to be one of the most effective weight loss operations and is also the most complex surgery.  The surgery involves operating on the stomach and small intestine. First, approximately seventy percent of the patient’s stomach is removed, which is very similar to a sleeve gastrectomy. As a result of this part of the procedure, the stomach is reduced in size thus limiting the quantity of food that can be swallowed. We refer to this aspect as the restriction component of the surgery.

Surgery Steps

After that, the small intestine is divided at the duodenum. Next, the duodenum is switched and sewn to the downstream small intestine, or the ileum. Establishing this new connection creates a new pathway for food to exit the stomach and enter the small intestine. This part of the operation decreases calorie absorption, causes many hormonal changes and limits hunger, by affecting GLP-1 and Ghrelin respectively.

Thus Duodenal Switch surgery is designed to limit both the quantity of food that can be swallowed at once and to prevent the body from absorbing calories. You will have less of an urge to eat and consume small portions as a direct result of the food restriction. You will also experience the sensation of feeling full faster thus you will need to modify your eating habits, lifestyle and types of food consumed.

Weight Loss Results

The Duodenal Switch surgery has been shown to produce the best overall weight loss results compared to other surgeries, and it can also help improve or cure Type 2 Diabetes as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, and reflux. Furthermore, the duodenal switch procedure has been shown to have the best overall sustained weight loss results. This means the weight gained after surgery is typically very limited. Studies show the Duodenal Switch surgery leads to the most significant reduction in excess body weight.

Lastly, patients should anticipate losing at least 80 percent of the excess body weight that they are currently carrying. The Duodenal Switch procedure takes approximately two hours to complete, and following the operation, the patient must remain in the hospital for at least one night.

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