Gastric Sleeve Recovery

The gastric sleeve recovery is fast but does vary. People recover quicker or slower based on pain levels, pain tolerance and nausea. This is generally related to the effects of anesthesia. Some patients experience mild-moderate pain, fatigue, dizziness, headache, gas or nausea.

Hydration & Diet

Staying hydrated and on top of your medications can help eliminate or reduce many post-op symptoms. Be prepared, stock up on hydrating fluids and protein prior to your gastric sleeve surgery. Compliance plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth recovery. Patients are expected to walk every hour for 5 minutes during the daytime or essentially from 7am to 7pm. Gastric Sleeve Recovery diet consists of 3 weeks of liquids such as protein shakes, crystal light, water and some soups.

Managing Recovery Time

Additionally, gastric sleeve recovery is based on return-to-work expectations. Most people take off only one or two weeks after surgery; however, some employers will offer up to four weeks off work. This procedure’s recovery is manageable if you are prepared and have realistic expectations. The LoneStar Bariatric team is available and ready to support you during your gastric sleeve recovery and beyond.

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