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Weight Loss in 3 Months130 lbs

My Story

I heard about Lonestar Bariatrics at a social event from a friend who just had surgery by Dr . Carlton.  At the time I felt terrible, unenergetic and depressed.  I was experiencing back pain and trouble walking. I decided to call and make appointment with Dr. Carlton.  The team was very inviting, answered all my questions and always available. I was a little nervous about having surgery, concerned about cardiac issues with my high blood pressure.  Surgery went well and the recovery was pretty simple.   After 3 months I was down 130lbs.  I feel so much better and have a positive outlook.  I am now able to walk easier, exercise and I get better sleep. My blood pressure is improved and I no longer have to wear CPAP when sleeping.  If you are thinking about having surgery, be sure to follow all pre and post op instructions.  Being successful is achievable just takes a lot of mental strength.