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Duodenal Switch

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months30-50 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 MonthsI don’t remember
Weight Loss in 1 Year75-100 lbs

My Story

I had been overweight my entire life and made fun of for being overweight my entire life. I had been discriminated against, criticized, fat shamed and more. I was also suffering with anxiety, depression and borderline diabetic and also on the verge of having high blood pressure. I couldn’t go up stairs or walk any distance without becoming winded and couldn’t do things with my family because all I felt like doing was sleeping or sitting at home. That was not like me AT ALL. I had always loved to go places, do things, have fun and be adventurous. I was also scared of where my health was headed as I had seen the adverse side effects of that from my parents. I had tried everything. Good diets, fad diets, starving, personal trainers, going to the gym 6 days a week and only losing 2 pounds in a month, my weight going up and down. It was exhausting and disheartening. I would lose about 20-40 pounds and just stop losing and eventually go right back to where I was, if not heavier. I reached my “action” point and decided to reclaim my life and do something for me. So, I took the step and have not looked back since. I did searches online and on social media. I called other doctors in the area and was met with very rude and uncaring people who were only “out for the money” or would tell me false information about my insurance. One day, I read a suggestion both on social media and online about Dr. Carlton. I called his office, and they were so helpful and friendly and told me they would be there with me every step of the way. I was sold and made an appointment. I am so glad I did! Dr. Carlton and his staff have been a God send and they didn’t lie…they have been there and gone above and beyond and through thick and thin on every single moment of my journey.

I would be lying if I said that I was not apprehensive before surgery. I was scared, anxious, had second thoughts, read all of the “bad” things online…etc. You name it, I felt it. However, each time I had a question, concern or even emotion, all I had to do was reach out to Dr. Carlton and his office and they immediately helped me out. Dr. Carlton and his staff are like NO other doctor or staff that you will ever meet…and I mean that in a good way. They put your needs and health first and ease your mind. They walk you through your questions, the procedure, what to expect, the insurance/payment aspects, nutrition, and even things you never even thought about with grace, ease, and the best bedside manner EVER. They make the situation fun and they are so approachable and treat you like family. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Of course, I had heard all the “negative” outcomes and side effects of weight loss surgery. I had even spoken to people who had a different procedure than me with horrible side effects, All of those things crossed my mind, but Dr. Carlton and his staff put me at ease and reminded me that the “negative” always comes out and the “positive” usually doesn’t. They reminded me that for every negative there is always a positive and most of the time those positives outweigh those negatives. I had concerns about the following: dumbing syndrome; taking medications my entire life; nausea; vomiting; malnutrition, leaks and surgical side effects, etc. I had a list of questions that covered 2 pages and they addressed each one with patience, expert knowledge and ease, which made me feel that I had, without a doubt, made the right choice.

Like any surgery, I was scared on my surgery day. All of my pre-op concerns loomed in my head, and I told Dr. Carlton that. He immediately reminded me of the things he had patiently told me before surgery day, and he had a smile on his face all the while. He had me laughing before he left, and the day and surgery went well.

Post-op was a challenge. Not because there were any problems but because it of the unfamiliar feelings that were going on within my body. I had 3 c-sections and a gallbladder removal prior to this, so I kind of knew what to expect, but this felt different. It was a little hard to get up and walk but not too bad. I did feel tired and a little nauseated and of course, the normal post-surgical pain. My tummy felt tight and it really blew my mind that I could eat very little and still be ok with that. I had dry mouth and could not drink a lot of water due to the nature of what I had just been through, but ice and lip balm helped a lot with that. Again, nothing that was horrible or unexpected.

Since surgery, I have SO much energy. I don’t get winded while going up stairs or walking. I am so active and get to go on adventures with my family and friends-things I have never been able to do before. I am no longer pre-diabetic and do not have high blood pressure. I can dance, exercise, fit in airplane and roller coaster seats easily, play with my grandson, shop in the “regular” size section of the store, and so much more! I went from a size 22 to a size 4-6 in bottoms and from a size 2XL to S/M in tops. I also dropped a 1/2 shoe size and boots fit my calves now! I find something new that I took for granted before surgery on a regular basis. I have even seen myself in a mirror passing by and did NOT even know it was me for a minute! I am off all blood sugar and high blood pressure meds. I do take my required vitamins/supplements, but that is it. My blood numbers are at or better than normal and I feel so good. I am happier…point blank bottom line. Not because I am not being shamed or discriminated against, etc. but because I took the leap and took care of myself for a change, and it has SO been worth it. I have so much more confidence and feel “normal” compared to feeling inferior like I use to. It has been AMAZING!

Dr. Carlton and his staff are diamonds in a world filled with coal. Literally. You won’t find a more caring, fun, educated doctor or staff in the area that help you to meet your goals and make you feel valued and like a million bucks every time they see you!

A quick story that demonstrates how caring Dr. Carlton is… A week after my surgery, I ended up with a hernia (unrelated to this procedure). I ended up having to be rushed back to the hospital. I want you all to know that Dr. Carlton came up and did the surgery and took care of me, HIMSELF and it was like midnight. He even came in the next day to check on me and came in the room singing to me! TRULY amazing doctor. He saved my life not once but twice and in so many other ways, too. Can’t say enough good things.